Fast and effective trick to beat stress and anxiety

anxiousFeeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety is a very personal experience.

In the past, when I had a lot of stress and anxiety in my day-to-day life, my stomach was always a mess.  Occasionally I would even have mini panic attacks. I’ll never forget the first time it happened.  I was on a business trip and had to pick up a rental car, something I had done countless times before.  There I was sitting in the parking garage when all of a sudden I felt completely overwhelmed. I couldn’t catch my breath and I had a tight feeling in my chest.  It was really frightening, but I was also embarrassed by my lack of control.

The truth is, we all experience stress in our own unique way.

However, there is one tool I have found that in my experience is universally helpful.  I use it in my private one-on-one sessions with clients.  I make a point to teach it to people who see me for stress, anxiety, or negative emotions, and I use it myself.

It is called 3-5 Breathing.  It’s incredibly simple and effective, and there is a physiological reason why.

No matter what the trigger, either holding your breath or short, fast breathing sets off your body’s response to anxiety. When you control your breath, you are sending a message to the brain via the nervous system that everything is fine and to calm down – no matter what is going on in your thinking.  The simple act of deep breathing gives you control over your body’s physical response to stress.

Next time you notice that feeling of stress or anxiety starting to build, try this:
  1. Focus in on your breath – slowly counting to 3 as you fill your lungs
  2. Hold your breath for just a moment
  3. Now breathe out even more slowly by counting to 5

Try the 3-5 breathing method for a few minutes whenever you need to feel calmer or more in control.  Not only is it easy, but you will notice the shift in your body every time you practice it. Want to learn more?  Here is an awesome TEDx Talk  Breathe to Heal.

Are you ready to take the next step to overcome your stress or anxious feelings?

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