Ready for Results? Check out what clients are saying about Butler Hypnotherapy:

Michelle’s spectacular skills, attention to detail, prosodic voice, welcoming personality and nurturing environment is the perfect recipe for hypnotic success! I highly recommend going to see her if you’re looking for REAL state shift and change in your life. She can also explain the technical, subcommunicative, neurological and hormonal processes that start to take place before and after hypnosis. Astounding therapist!

 Shaun Hopper – St Pete, FL

It was ridiculous how good I felt.

Michelle Lisan

I don’t know what you, review reader, imagine when you think of ‘hypnotherapy’. I didn’t really know anything about it beyond having watched high school classmates quack like a duck in some demonstration a million years ago. This is so very not that.
We discussed my issues, she listened with compassion, and had immediate insights into which techniques she would implement to help me. She explained everything reassuringly and with humor.
I would describe the session like personalized guided meditation. I’m sure everyone’s experience will be unique, as Michelle personalizes your session.
I left mine feeling amazing! It was ridiculous how good I felt. Stupid even. Highly recommended.
Michelle Lisan- Seminole, FL

I am really enjoying working with Michelle. She provides a safe, comfortable approach to dealing with deep seated issues I’ve been carrying around for a long time. It’s like having a spa day for the mind!

Laura B St Pete, FL

Thank you Michelle! I wasn’t expecting this so soon. I was a completely different person on my drive home. I had to go through Bradenton and find my mom’s accountant to drop off something for her. Even though I was going to a place I was not familiar with, I didn’t get all anxious or stressed out. I couldn’t believe how different the ride home was compared to the ride there. Thanks again!’ Lori Calahan – Sarasota, FL

Thank you for preparing and sharing that recording. The production value is excellent, too by the way. I have already experienced some palpable transformative effects and feel a connection to Life in a way I’ve not felt it in many years.

Brent S – St Pete FL

Fantastic from the very first consultation!!

John Vitale – St Pete, FL

Hypnotherapy was exactly what I needed to deal with some anxiety issues.  I highly recommend Michelle. Three sessions changed so much for me.  I am now able to put everything into perspective which really helped me. Emily M – Seminole, FL

I can’t believe how much these sessions are helping me. Things don’t bother me when they would have before. My inner self is more calm and peaceful. Now I can move on and not really think about it.  Lylene B – Seminole, FL

I’m looking forward to listening to the recording. I have felt pretty good since Friday. I’ve been practicing the anchor every time my thoughts turn negative. I feel a difference. Thank you so much! J.E. – Clearwater, FL.

Thank you for the recording. I have been much more peaceful at work not letting other peoples negative energy being pushed into me. Thanks again! Doug S – Riverview, FL

From a client 2 weeks after her weight loss session: I am doing well and 5-6 lbs lighter!!!! So far the program is working really well, at first I fell asleep every time I listened but now I get through the tape fine. I seem just to lose interest when I think about snacking, I’ve had a couple of difficult days but as long as I listen to the tape everyday I seem to do better. The smaller portions part has really sunken in Deirdre M  – St Pete, FL

If you’re looking for a hypnotherapist, look no further. Michelle is the person you want to see. She is amazing.

Nadia E

I couldn’t say enough great things about Michelle and am beyond grateful I found her. She takes time to listen to you and find the best way to help you. She is caring and compassionate, has incredible work ethic, but most of all I love how comfortable she makes me feel to be able to open up and discuss things I’d never say out loud.
I came to her during a particularly difficult and trying time in my life and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Just knowing I have an appointment to see her makes me feel infinitely better and I look forward to our future sessions.
If you’re looking for a hypnotherapist, look no further. Michelle is the person you want to see. She is amazing.

Nadia E. – St Pete

I’m really excited to keep working with you.  My desire to smoke is nonexistent still, even when I drink.  That’s a F****ING MIRACLE. Heather Bertch – New Orleans via Skype

Michelle provided me significant and immediate relief for anxieties that I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember. For me, that’s totally priceless. From the moment I met Michelle, it felt like I was talking with an old friend. She completely irradiated any fears about the process, and was extremely relatable. If you’re on the fence, just do it. Michelle is awesome! Haley VanCox -Gulfport, FL

I’m amazed how quickly it worked

Peter H

It was such a refreshing pleasure meeting you! You really have a wonderful and compassionate talent! Thank you so much! I’ve actually been up on the ladder and felt fine! Next test is the Skyway.  Dawn M. – St Pete, FL

Dear Michelle – Thank you so much for your contributions in this process. Nancy loved the tape and will continue to listen. You have a beautiful soothing voice and a wonderful way of helping people. I wish you great success and look forward to working with you.
Donna Zappin, Founder Zhenden 10 Days To Freedom

The recording you sent is REALLY helping me with relaxation at night when I go to bed. I’m actually going to sleep IN MY BED, which was a big step from falling asleep on the couch watching tv because I was too afraid of the anxiety I used to experience when trying to sleep! On top of that, I almost always fall asleep before the end, which is also huge, as I haven’t been able to fall asleep that quickly in a long time! So thank you for that. Cassie M -St Pete

Michelle has an incredible approach to her practice and engages her clients in a way that makes one feel comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. Often the hardest step in addressing one’s life, is simply taking the first step to admit you need additional help. Michelle, takes all of that anxiety away by her wonderful personality and commitment to professional excellence. I was skeptical at first, however, after a few sessions I am able to honestly admit I am very pleased with my progress, thanks to her dedication and caring. Michelle is incredibly easy to talk to, has a depth of personality not common in most people, and it is very clear she is committed to her practice and how she can uplift the personal well-being of her clients. I highly recommend seeing Michelle; even a brief session with her could instantly uplift and change your perspective!

Gregory Turner – San Francisco via Skype

You may be skeptical as a lot of people are but I have to tell you it changed my life

Ken B

I don’t write reviews on anything but when I found Butler hypnotherapy here I had to speak up. You may be skeptical as a lot of people are but I have to tell you it changed my life. I had been in therapy for issues on and off for a decade before I tried hypnotherapy. I was in a desperate state and was willing to try anything to help. I found out about Michelle and went to see her. The experience is not what you might expect. She was very professional yet incredibly compassionate. She takes her time with you and gets to the heart of your issues. She tells you exactly what the therapy can and cannot do for you and lays out exactly her methods for treatment. The key is you! I was desperate and open to try any method. I cannot tell you how much she changed, actually saved my life in a few sessions.  I know this is long and probably sounds untrue but all I can tell you is this, TRY IT! You don’t have to believe a word I said but trust me on this; once you see Michelle it will convince you. Ken B. -St Pete

I finally made an appointment with Michelle after years of struggling with low self-esteem. I honestly thought things couldn’t change for me but after having hypnotherapy I feel so much more happy and confident. Michelle is so easy to talk to. The hypnosis is like deep meditation but it has helped me deal with my issues in a easy way. I recommend you try it.

Jarret G -St Pete, FL

Michelle, at Butler Hypnotherapy, got me out of my “funk” in just one session! Her approach is more effective than any other therapy I have ever tried (and believe me, I have tried them all!). She spends time getting to know you and your situation, gets you into a relaxed state, and then trickles in incredible insights and clarity that is perfectly personalized to your specific situation. She also makes you a personalized mp3 meditation that addresses your unique needs for you to work on at home. Her approach is just so much more comprehensive than a typical therapy session. Rebecca Freeman -St Pete, FL

I never would have imagined that I could overcome my issue in such a short space of time

Jeff D

I just wanted to drop you a quick note. I still listen to the recording you made me and I still love it. In fact, I listened to it on the plane when I flew a few weeks ago when I felt a panic attack starting. It helped me calm down and brought me a surprising amount of peace considering how much I hate flying.
I’ve visited my brother a couple of times recently. It had been months since I’d seen him and it felt really good to reconnect. He’s doing really well. He told my sister-in-law that something about me had changed and that I seem a lot happier and less stressed. She told him that I had been to see you and he was really happy that I did something for myself to take care of myself.
My anxiety has mostly disappeared, which is just a huge weight of relief off my shoulders. I can’t thank you enough.

A.C. – St Petersburg, FL

I just want to say thank you. I always have good feelings when we finish with our sessions. I now feel happy with myself. THANK YOU

Julianna Olah

Being a first time mother I tend to use discernment on what I choose to spend my “me” time on. This was my first experience with Hypnotherapy and to me it was like hours of meditation in a condensed version allowing me to reap the benefits that one might experience from a weekend retreat in only a couple of hours. The perfect solution for a busy parent, or for that matter a busy human being. Thank you! -Miraga Siciliano -St Petersburg

My experience with Michelle was phenomenal! We talked about some underlying issues surrounding my relocation and prior life. Michelle is intuitive and was able to direct me to some places I needed to go for peace. Her guided tour to my inner self, my chakras, and higher self were perfection. I no doubt will spend the next weeks clearing, meditating, and utilizing the techniques Michelle layed out. I feel freer and more empowered than I have in months. hypnotherapy with Michelle was exactly what I needed here and now. Thank you Michelle…you are authentic, gifted, and an awesome spirit on our planet!! You will do great things for many!!!!

Robin B -St Petersburg

I cannot rave enough about Michelle! I truly felt like a new person after our first session and I’ve continued to reap the benefits.

Amanda C

I truly felt like a new person after our first session and I’ve continued to reap the benefits. Michelle is non-judgmental and very skilled about getting to the crux of your issue and showing you how it can get better. After years of anxiety whenever I was in a crowd, I was able to go to an event 3 days after our session without any anxiety at all. Michelle has helped me take control of my life again. Amanda C -Sarasota, FL

A hypnotherapy session with Michelle is a gift to yourself.

DeeAnne B

To be honest, I was initially skeptical about hypnotherapy. A friend had recommended Michelle after successfully working through some deep childhood stuff with her. She said she felt so much more free, peaceful, and in control of her own life. Having some things I knew I needed to let go of myself, I thought I could at least try it once and made an appointment.
What I love about Michelle is that she is very real and very down to earth. She walked me through all the processes and I felt significant peace after leaving. I imagine that when I look back in five years that I will consider this work a great turning point in my life. I’m so grateful to Michelle and this work. -Heather B St Petersburg

Thanks Michelle! I slept like a baby on Tuesday night! I fell asleep after listening to it last night and slept on my back (I NEVER EVER DO THAT!) and I feel a much lighter/more positive inner self, so I’m digging it. Thank you!

-M.L. St Petersburg

I saw Michelle to help me deal with come confidence issues I was having . I was initially skeptical about hypnotherapy, but after just a few sessions I have a totally new perspective. I would recommend her to anyone.

Cynthia R

I have been going through some really tough family issues and have heaps of anxiety before the holidays. It was my first time trying hypnotherapy and it was amazing! Michelle is great at what she does and was able to relax me while really getting in touch with with my deeper seeded issues. It’s a great way to face your inner stuff with out having you defenses up. I highly recommend Butler Hypnotherapy!
-Scotti T    St Petersburg

Michelle is amazing. As a competitive ballroom dancer, she has helped me overcome my shyness on the dance floor. She has given me some great tools to use when competing and they have worked wonderfully. I would so recommend Michelle to help you with any issue you may have. Trust me. She can help.

-Toni T Oldsmar, FL