Just Say No to Jingle Belly

Did you wake up this morning feeling like Santa gave you the gift of his gut? Jingle belly is that not-so-wonderful part of the year.  Nobody likes the heavy, bloated, uncomfortable feeling that comes with overindulging.  Most people put on 75% of their annual weight gain over the holidays.  It contributes to ‘creeping obesity’ – those couple of pounds we gain here and there that over time add up to middle age spread.

Not ready to surrender to the fat pants? Clearing limiting beliefs and creating unshakable determination in yourself are the two of the most important things you can do to jump-start a healthy lifestyle.  Hypnotherapy is the easy way to make that change.  It can increase your motivation and help you stay committed so you are no longer fighting your body.  It is a powerful tool you can use to overcome:

Mindless Eating

Habits are a much bigger part of our lives than most people realize.  Mindless eating is simply the habit of eating without thinking. It’s all those times you’ve caught yourself snacking when you weren’t even hungry. It also happens when you eat without tasting or noticing the size of your portion.  Hypnotherapy can train your mind to instinctively listen to your body.  Being mindful helps you eat the right foods in the right amount.  Your body will feel better as you learn to slow down and savor the smell, taste, and texture of your food.

Emotional Eating

Life isn’t always easy. Coming home after a rough day and eating a pint of ice cream or a bag of chips is.   Negative emotions like stress or anger can feel overwhelming and it is natural to self-sooth. This is why so many people fall into the trap of reaching for high fat, high sugar foods when they feel bad. Learning to recognize and calm negative emotions makes life easier.  When you feel better those negative self-soothing habits simply fall away.

Sugar Addiction

There is a reason your mouth automatically begins to water when you think about a delicious slice of cake or even that perfect piece of chocolate. Sugar lights up the reward areas in your brain.  It physically feels good because it releases dopamine into your body. Like any other drug, the more you consume it, the more your body craves it.  Luckily, our taste buds are pretty easy to retrain.  Just think about how many foods you thought were disgusting as a kid that you now enjoy.  Hypnotherapy taps into this natural ability to make sugar automatically taste less pleasurable.

Drinking too Much

Fun fact- The oldest known alcoholic drink was brewed around 7000 BC in Northeast China.  Alcohol is a deep part of our culture and traditions.  This is one of the reasons we drink more during the holidays.  Over indulging can give a false sense of confidence or being outgoing but it’s temporary. In the long run, it can become a bully, pushing you into thinking you need it.  Hypnotherapy helps you retrain the way you think so you can feel good in any situation, free to have a small amount, naturally knowing when to stop.

You have the ability to create a calmer, healthier you.  It simply becomes easier when you tap into your subconscious and change the old patterns that have been holding you back.

Wishing you a Happy Healthy New Year!