How to handle stress with self-hypnosis

meditation made easyHow many times when you’ve been stressed has someone told you to ‘just calm down’ or ‘be more positive’?  Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Instagram knows I love my inspirational quotes, but when you are truly feeling stressed out, it’s important to recognize it and take action.

Stress has a way of clouding your brain.  When you relax, it becomes easier to think more clearly, which can lead to better decision making. The more relaxed you feel, the more normalized other physical processes like sleep and digestion become.  Reducing stress can even increase your libido!

That’s why I teach my clients self-hypnosis and encourage them to use it on a daily basis. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s all benefit and no risk. So you may be wondering how you get in on this.  All you need is about 20 minutes where you won’t be disturbed by your partner, kids, pets, or phone.  Find a place where you can sit or lie back comfortably.  You can put relaxing music on, but it isn’t necessary.  So let’s begin.

Focus- Maybe it will be a point high up on the ceiling, or perhaps you’ll decide to close your eyes and focus your gaze internally.

Breathe– Take in a few slow deep full breaths and, as you exhale, give yourself the suggestion to relax.

Close your eyes– If you haven’t already closed your eyes, now is the time to let go, knowing that if any random thoughts come up during this time of relaxation, it is okay.  You can just acknowledge them, and allow them to pass through

Visualize– Imagine a light or color shining down on your body.  You can allow this light or color to move slowly down your body, relaxing you one part at a time.

Empower- Narrate in your mind how you want to be.  See your future self being relaxed, confident; whatever it is you want.  Keep it positive and specific.  Visualize yourself moving through your day as your best self, handling situations in a calm, confident, relaxed way.

Emerge- When you are ready, you can come back to your full awareness. Simply count from 1 to 5 repeating your positive affirmations.  When you get to the number 5, you will return to your regular waking consciousness.

This will require some practice, but you can develop a calm response to the world and find your inner peace.  Ready to go deeper?  Get in touch with me for hypnotherapy sessions in St Pete.