Breaking free from negative thoughts

I used to have severe anxiety. Back then when it was out of control, my number one strategy was to push people away. Anxiety sucks, but anxiety coupled with loneliness is even worse.

The truth is that the more you think about anxiety and loneliness the more anxious and lonely you are going to feel. If you or someone you love is stuck in that cycle than this quick daily practice is one thing you can do to break free.


Refocusing is an easy and effective way to break any negative thought cycle. It is a practice that helps you get your mind back on track. For most people, negative anxious thoughts spiral out. For me, it’s almost the same thing as trying to find a quick cough remedy on WebMd. Three clicks later, instead of a list of cough syrups it is telling you that your symptoms indicate some obscure tropical disease from a place you’ve never been that hasn’t been diagnosed in 100 years, but you’re going to need a lung transplant. Kind of like that. Instead of falling down the rabbit hole, refocusing brings your mind back to reality.

There are many different refocusing techniques you can use. My favorite, because it is so quick and simple, is keeping a gratitude journal. Each morning when you wake up write down five things that you can be grateful for. This is going to set you up for a more positive day. It also gives you something to look back at, reminding you of all the positive things you have going for you. The more we practice feeling good and the more we remind ourselves that there is good, the more good you are going to feel.

Want more?

Like I said, gratitude is just one of many useful refocusing techniques. Bustle has a great article on other ways to quickly refocus. Check it out here ->11 Things To Do When Your Thoughts Begin To Spiral

I remember just how bad anxiety feels. Finding the solution to it is what motivates me to help others. If you want to know more about how active meditation techniques, mindfulness, and breathwork can help, send me a message -> CONTACT MICHELLE