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Looking for something to add to your playlist that can help you feel more calm and relaxed?

Neuroscientists from Mindlab International found listening to Marconi Union’s song Weightless reduced anxiety levels by as much as 65%.   Those who participated in the research experience a slowing of their heart rate, lowered blood pressure and  reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

According to  Lyz Cooper, founder of the British Academy of Sound Therapy, ‘The song makes use of many musical principles that have been shown to individually have a calming effect. By combining these elements in the way Marconi Union have has created the perfect relaxing song. The study found this to be the world’s most relaxing song. It contains a sustaining rhythm that starts at 60 beats per minute and gradually slows to around 50. While listening, your heart rate gradually comes to match that beat…The fall in heart rate also leads to a fall in blood pressure. The harmonic intervals – or gaps between notes – have been chosen to create a feeling of euphoria and comfort. And there is no repeating melody, which allows your brain to completely switch off because you are no longer trying to predict what is coming next.’  Read more Here

It is a sad fact that stress and anxiety are on the rise globally. 

It negatively effects your thoughts, feelings, behavior, and even your health.   If you want improve the overall quality of your life, you have to prioritize your calm. Music, like hypnosis, is an easy way relax and find that inner calm.  The difference is in a hypnosis session you are guided into a natural, deeply relaxed state.  From this space you have the ability to easily change  the way you  feel and respond to  situations or triggers.  Creating lasting, positive change.

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