Quick tips to boost your mood instantly

guilty-dogHow to turn a crappy day around.

Have you ever had a day when it felt like the entire universe was conspiring against you? The “everything goes wrong from dumping coffee in your lap to stepping in dog poop and smearing it all over the interior of your car while you drive down the road and almost have an accident because you’re desperately trying to  figure out where the hell the smell is coming from” kind of day…and it’s only 8:15. Yeah. We’ve all been there.  Some days can be pretty rough, but you have the power to turn it around.  Here are my favorite quick tips to boost your mood instantly.

Create a small successSuccess, no matter how big or small, naturally boost your mood.  Delete a few old emails or clean out your wallet.  Is there some extra laundry in the corner?   Put it away.  In no time at all each of those small successes can help you feel more positive and accomplished.

Break out of your routine- The beauty of this is that it doesn’t have to be complicated.  It can be as simple as ordering something different at your local coffee shop or painting your nails a funky color you normally would never wear.  Maybe you could go on a short Geocaching adventure after dinner. Trying something new and unexpected can help you feel better fast.

Grab a healthy snack- almond-butter-energy-bites-show-me-the-yummy-3According to local Health Coach Rebecca Freedman, there are lots of health foods that can naturally help boost your mood.  Some of these include avocado, apples, and sunflower seeds.  What’s her favorite to go snack?  Almonds!  Delicious raw or my favorite – her nutritious almond butter energy bites.  Check out her recipe ⇒HERE.  Every time I have one of these it definitely puts me in a better mood.
Remember the good times- Think about something you are really proud of or look at some of your favorite pictures.  Anything that connects you to that warm happy feeling.   Taking just a minute or two to do this will help boost your mood by reducing stress and helping you feel more connected.

Your nose knows – Essential oils are a fast and effective way to boost your mood and promote relaxation.   DeeAnne Butler of Blue Butterfly Bodyworks’ top three DoTerra picks are Wild Orange, Elevation, and Balance.  Any of these can be used in a diffuser, or you can just place a few drops in your hand and inhale deeply.  Ready for some deep self-care?  Book an aroma touch massage with DeeAnne, her contact info is ⇒  HERE, and combine the benefits of massage and essential oils to really feel good.  Go on… you know you deserve it.

Tried some or all of these and still feel like you are in a funk?

Don’t hesitate to ask for help.  With hypnosis, a person can enjoy deep relaxation as they find new perspective, letting old negative thoughts and habits drift away – letting happiness become instinctive.  Curious about how it has worked for others?  Click ⇒ HERE to see what people are saying about Butler Hypnotherapy, then call 727.488.8546 to find out for yourself.