How to Enjoy a Happy & Healthy Holiday


Who hasn’t overstuffed themselves during the Holidays?

No matter how good you are at eating sensibly it can feel downright impossible this time of year with all of the parties and social gatherings.  Add an irritating relative and giant bottle of wine, and all of a sudden that cheese platter or mountain of cookies has your name written all over it.

I don’t know if you have given a whole lot of thought to sugary, high-carb or high-fat foods and why as humans we are so drawn to them.  It’s pretty interesting.  We all have a more primitive part of our brain (some more than others- I’m looking at you irritating relative). This primitive part does many different things, and one of them is creating urges.  Including ones that protect us from starvation.  [You can read more about that here.] That worked great when we were hunter gatherers.  It’s not so helpful when you sit behind a desk and have access to fast food.  It’s especially not good during the Holidays when it can feel like everyone is handing out treats.

So how can you let go of that and enjoy the Holidays without giving yourself any extra pounds?  The good thing is that you are amazing, your mind is flexible, and there are lots of little tools and tricks you can use. You can savor. The first few bites really do taste better.  Taking your time to really taste the flavor of each and every bite. Another option is to just slow down.  It can take anywhere from 12 to over 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain it’s done.  Slowing down gives you more opportunity to feel that satisfaction comfortably.

Or there’s my preferred method, cut to the chase and ‘get shift done’.

I help guide people into a naturally relaxed state where old outdated habits and patterns around sugary, high-fat or high-carb foods can easily be shifted and changed.  You have the ability to create a whole new inner guide that makes it much easier to turn down that desire for unhealthy foods, and crave the right things in the right amounts.  The best part is the effects last well past the Holidays – for as long as you choose.  The gift of Hypnosis for Weight Loss might just be the best present you ever gave yourself.