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Busting Myths

The word ‘Hypnosis’ can bring up some pretty crazy images People on stage clucking like chickens, swinging watches, and who could forget Derek Zoolander being brainwashed. It’s amazing how many myths surround hypnosis. TV and movies have given some people unrealistic, sometimes ridiculous images about what it can and can’t do. So, you may be […]

Get Healthy Get a Refund

It is called the Health Coverage Tax Credit.  It’s like getting your smoking cessation and weight loss hypnosis for free! The IRS currently offers a tax credit for the full cost of my hypnosis smoking cessation program. You also qualify for the same 100% tax credit if you see me for weight loss as long […]

3 Easy Steps for Surviving the Holidays

The holidays are a time for peace, joy and love. For relaxing with your family. Creating wonderful memories of magical gifts and delicious meals. Everything perfect right??! Maybe not exactly. It is easy to fall into the trap of expectations and the desire to have the ‘perfect’ Christmas. The reality of shopping, crazy relatives, running […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Only One  More Month To Go! The holiday season is just beginning, but with 2016 right around the corner it’s not too early to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. Think about how good it would feel to be calm and relaxed even if someone mentions politics and the mashed potatoes start to fly […]

Having gratitude

The Gratitude List With all of the stress and pressure that comes with the holiday season it is easy to lose sight of what this time of year is all about. Family, loved ones, most of all the things we have, big and small to be thankful for. Having gratitude isn’t something that is easy […]

Creating self-compassion

Simple techniques for creating self-compassion We’ve all experienced it. That terrible nagging voice that can fill your mind without warning or provocation. It’s that voice that loves to tell you all about everything you’ve screwed up, what you’ve forgotten to do, about that doughnut you shouldn’t have eaten, you don’t have enough money, the kids […]

Now is the time

Rediscover the true beauty you have inside yourself.  Hypnotherapy can help you see yourself without judgement, with empathy, and self compassion.  When the negative self-talk and doubt fall away, you have the ability to transform yourself.

Tapping into the power of intention

Achieve your goals by tapping into the power of intention We all know that person, don’t we? That person that everything falls into place for. That person who always seems to get what they want. It looks effortless, and we often put it down to luck. But is there more going on than just luck, […]