5 Simple Steps for Less Work Stress

A little pressure can be motivating, but a whopping 94% of workers report feeling over-stressed at work.

When it’s too high or goes on for too long, the overwhelm can chip away at your confidence. In the long run it can cause you to stop caring.

 On top of the burnout, most people take their work stress home. I have never met anyone who is immune to the occasional bad day, but 79% of men and 61% of women who have chronic workplace stress say it affects their home life.

Bringing the burnout home can damage your relationships, negatively impact your health, even your ability to sleep can suffer. So the question is – How do you turn down the stress and be more happy and productive in every area of your life?

There are many different ways to help manage or reduce stress.  To me, the first most important step is to commit to making a change.  Deciding that you’re tired of the discomfort creates the space for you to lean in and have a breakthrough. 

Ready to start?  Next time you feel that stress rising follow these 5 easy steps to dial in more clarity and calm.

Notice How Your Body is Reacting

 Jot down or make a quick mental list of the physical changes you feel.  Maybe your heart races, or you start sweating.  For me it always used to start with an awful lump in my throat followed by pain in my gut.

Listen to Yourself

Once you’ve got the physical reactions down, start paying attention to what your imagination is telling you in that moment. The goal here is to find out what types of beliefs are attached to those physical reactions.  Many people I’ve worked with report beliefs like not being good enough, or no matter how hard they try no one notices or cares.  You might be surprised with the ideas that come up for you.  The trick is to be really honest with this.

Reality Check

Now that you’ve got these two lists, it’s time for a reality check. What evidence do you have that goes against those beliefs? What makes it not true? Taking a step back and looking at the big picture will help you begin to shift those unhelpful beliefs.

Ask yourself

What else do I need to remember about me to remind myself just how awesome I am? We all have things we have overcome or that we do well. Feel free to go crazy with this list.  You deserve to remember how kick-ass you are.

Take a Deep Breath and Let Yourself Feel That 

Taking a moment to acknowledge and understand your discomfort will help you shift towards something better.  It could be more awareness of your talents and strengths that boost your focus and performance. It might be a realization that the environment is toxic and you deserve better. However that plays out, it’s a win for you.