Misconceptions about Hypnotherapy

Misconceptions in the news

As a professional hypnotherapist reading people’s comments on the school board’s settlement, it is shocking to see just how many misconceptions still surround hypnotherapy.

I’ve read everything from “hypnosis lets in the devil” (um no, hypnosis was approved by the Vatican in the late 1800s) to “hypnosis unleashes traumatic memories” (again false – the hypnotic state does not by default bring repressed memories to the surface).

Worst of all is the idea that hypnotherapy is a medical procedure that somehow alters the brain.  Hypnotherapy is NOT a medical procedure and is not intended to take the place of professional medical care. Hypnotherapists require written consent from a doctor before offering hypnosis support for any medical condition.


Hypnosis is a natural state we all go in and out of multiple times every day.  It’s a state of hyper focus that allows us to be in the zone whether we are watching a movie, driving, or just relaxing.  A well-trained hypnotherapist facilitates this natural state to help you achieve your best self.  They don’t have power over you, can’t put you ‘under’, and certainly can’t force you to do anything against your will.  If we had that kind of power, Dan Brown would be writing novels about us!
It is easy to be scared by the sensationalized headlines; there are many in the article below, but it is important to understand what hypnotherapy can and cannot do.  Misconceptions about Hypnotherapy happen all the time, and it misleads the general public. If you have you have any questions about the safety or effectiveness of Hypnosis, please feel to contact me.

Board OKs settlement over principal who hypnotized students