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How to improve your self-control

self-controlHow good is your self-control?

Yesterday evening, I attended an event on mindful eating given by the very inspiring health coach Rebecca Friedman, at The Urban Canning Company’s fabulous location on 4th St. (If you live in St Pete and haven’t been there already, you seriously need to check them out)

Rebecca spoke about the difference between emotional and mindful eating.  She also spoke about the importance of listening to your body.  This really got me thinking about why so many people feel that they have so little control. Continue reading How to improve your self-control

Busting Myths

relaxThe word ‘Hypnosis’ can bring up some pretty crazy images

People on stage clucking like chickens, swinging watches, and who could forget Derek Zoolander being brainwashed.

It’s amazing how many myths surround hypnosis. TV and movies have given some people unrealistic, sometimes ridiculous images about what it can and can’t do. So, you may be wondering what hypnosis is really like. Rest easy, I’m here to bust some of the common myths!

  1. ‘In hypnosis I’ll be out of it.’

In my experience this is the biggest concern most people have about hypnosis and it couldn’t be further from the truth. I help clients relax the conscious, or thinking part of their mind. This lets you directly access your subconscious so you can take in new positive thoughts and more easily change old ideas and behaviors.

You’re not out of it or asleep. In fact you hear and remember everything that happens. Most people say it feels like they are just very relaxed.

  1. ‘I don’t want to lose control.’

The truth is you have control over the whole process. You can move around, choose to not talk about something, even lie if you want to. Most people are so relaxed they don’t want their session to end, but you can bring yourself out of the experience at any time just by opening your eyes.

  1. ‘I can’t be hypnotized!’

Hypnosis is a natural yet altered state of awareness. It is something you already do whether you realize it or not. It’s very similar to that state you go into when you are completely focused, daydreaming, or that feeling you get when you are on autopilot.

The truth is, if you want to be hypnotized then you can be hypnotized. It’s really that easy.

  1. ‘I’m not going to remember anything.’

Remember #1 when I said you aren’t out of it? Your conscious remains aware so you will remember your session. In fact in most hypnotherapy sessions you are talking and actively engaging in the process while in hypnosis.

  1. ‘Hypnosis is just for smoking and weight loss.’

Hypnosis is incredibly effective at helping people quit smoking and achieving weight goals, but these days it is more often used to help people reduce anxiety, increase their confidence and self-esteem, and improve their relationships.

  1. ‘I don’t want anyone controlling my mind’

I hate to admit this, but Hypnotherapists have no mystical powers so mind control is completely off the table. The truth is hypnosis is about getting back in control of your life, letting go of negative feelings, behaviors, and symptoms.

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