Take Control

Imagine a better life with hypnosis Imagine letting go of negative habits and overwhelming emotions.

How would your life change if you felt calmer and more in control?  Would you like to be happier and more successful?

I coach my clients to make the necessary changes in perspective that lead to long lasting change in the shortest time possible. Using many different techniques, I help people manage stress and anxiety to become more naturally confident.

‘I finally made an appointment with Michelle after years of struggling with low self-esteem. I honestly thought things couldn’t change for me but after having hypnotherapy I feel so much more happy and confident. Michelle is so easy to talk to. The hypnosis is like deep meditation but it has helped me deal with my issues in a easy way. I recommend you try it.’  Jarret G – St Pete

Hypnotherapy can also help  emotional well-being, weight loss, smoking, poor sleep, fears, performance, and so much more.  Whatever affects the mind hypnosis can help. If you aren’t seeing the problem you want to address here, call Michelle at 727.488.8546 and schedule a free no-obligation consult  to find out how Butler Hypnotherapy can help you.