Sooth Grief, Loss, and Sadness

Trying to cope with grief and loss is one of the hardest things we ever have to face. It could be caused by the loss of someone or something we love. Sometimes it is triggered by a change in life – divorce, moving, even a career change. No matter what the cause, being in the pain of grief and loss can make it hard to keep moving forward.

For many people grief, loss, and sadness can seem overwhelming

The combination of anger, shock, guilt, or sadness along with challenge of life just being different  can negatively effect every layer of your being. Emotionally it can cause depression and anxiety. Physically it can cause problems as well. For example you might have a hard time sleeping. In addition, it might be hard to eat.

Hypnosis can help you deal with the emotional fallout

I use hypnosis and active meditation techniques to guide people into more relaxed states. Finding a  place of inner peace can help you balance your emotions. Creating calm makes it easier to overcome challenges so you can:

  • Reduce the intensity of your emotions
  • Feel connected and supported
  • Let go of obsessive  thoughts
  • Discover new possibilities
  • Feel more positive and begin to appreciate life again

You don’t have to deal with grief or loss on your own

Because everyone is different, there is no set time for you to feel better. However, no matter what stage of grief you are in, there are ways to help your natural healing process.

Take that first step towards peace

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