Sexual Issues

Imagine how good it would feel to relax deeply and reconnect with your sexual self.    

Would you like to feel completely relaxed and at ease with your partner? It’s not uncommon to experience anxiety over sexual performance, fear of our partner’s expectations, or have a negative reaction because of past experiences.

Hypnotherapy can help you:
Hypnosis for relationships
  • Increase your desire and sex drive
  • Renew your zeal for intimacy
  • Learn to relax and enjoy the moment
  • Feel more confident in your abilities
  • Increase your ability to orgasm
  • Self-acceptance and forgiveness
Many people experience sexual issues at some time in their lives.

The mind and body are very intimately linked so when you are feeling higher levels of stress or tension it can negatively affect your libido.  Perhaps you are feeling angry with your partner.  You might be overwhelmed by responsibilities at work and home. Many factors including your self-esteem can negatively affect your sex life.  Luckily, you have the ability to rediscover your own self-confidence as a sexual being.

A satisfying sex life is an important part of a healthy relationship

In a relaxed, safe and confidential environment, we work together to reconnect you to your own primal energy. Hypnotherapy can help you transform how you feel about yourself allowing you establish a new positive way of being.  You can feel confident and relaxed in your body.

You can unleash your sexual you. 

Are ready to tap into your primal self and embrace a more fulfilling sex life?  If you would like to discuss what hypnosis can do for you contact Butler Hypnotherapy at 727-488-8546.  Like sessions, consultations are completely confidential.