Let Go of Phobias and Turn Down Fear


Would you like to turn down fear and let go of phobias for good?

Have you ever been in a situation you know is safe, but your heart is pounding, it’s hard to catch your breath, maybe you feel hot and sweaty? Your brain tells you to get out. Now, imagine you in that same place, but feeling calm and in-control.  Hypnosis  can make that a reality quickly and comfortably.

‘I still listen to the recording you made me and I still love it. In fact, I listened to it on the plane when I flew a few weeks ago when I felt a panic attack starting. It helped me calm down and brought me a surprising amount of peace considering how much I hate flying…I can’t thank you enough’ – A.C.

 Fear is a subconscious response

You probably know it is safe to go over the bridge, be in that small space, or get rid of the spider.  Knowing doesn’t help because phobias are an emotional response. Your brain goes into fight-or-flight mode, clouding your thinking and making things feel more dangerous than they are. Hypnosis switches off this response, freeing you from anxiety and stress.

‘My recent sessions with Michelle have been very effective in helping me overcome my fears. I’m amazed how quickly it has worked.  I just wish I had done it sooner.  Michelle’s a fantastic hypnotherapist.  She made me very comfortable and explained the process so I was always aware what was going on.’  -Peter H

Hypnosis is fast and effective way to turn down phobias:
  • Feel calm and relaxed in any situation
  • Switch off fight-or-flight mode
  • Have calm detachment from overactive emotional responses
Now is the time to take back control over your life

You don’t have to suffer any longer. Take control of your emotional response by calling Butler Hypnotherapy at 727.488.8546. Free yourself to be more confident and relaxed.