Past Life Regression

Deep trance state  allows you to personally access a space of  discovery.  You have the ability to look at how past lives can be affecting your current life and relationships. Explore karmic patterns and life lessons so that you can learn how to move forward, resolving the past, and having a new way of being.  You can find your own answers and connect to a deeper sense of self.

There are many different theories of reincarnation 

It may be our singular soul that reincarnates again and again in a linear fashion. Or it could be an aspect of soul energy. Maybe we are all part of a collective unconscious. It may all just be a metaphorical journey of the mind. It doesn’t matter how you interpret it. A past life regression with a well-trained Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, can transform your life.

Truly amazing past life regression hypnotherapy session! I feel wonderful and so thankful to have met Michelle for this life changing experience that she guided me through. –Kristen Ciofu, St Pete, FL .

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy works with your belief system to help you find your own answers.

Each and every one of us carries memories, conscious and subconscious, that affect who and what we are in all aspects of our being. These memories create patterns that affect our behaviors and thinking, establishing our karmic path. Through the hypnotic process these past life experiences can be brought to conscious memory so the beliefs and decisions of that lifetime can be explored.  This can help you let go of unnecessary beliefs, emotions and patterns.

Through this process you can:
  • Access you own higher wisdom
  • Better understand personal relationships and attachments
  • Gain insight and understanding of talents and abilities
  • Release fears and anxieties rooted in past life traumas
  • Experience the transitional states of the inter-life space
  • Understand and fully align with your life purpose
Past life regression can help you move forward.

If you are open to the idea of past life experiences, no matter what your religious tradition, belief, or lack thereof, it is possible to experience profound states of peace and oneness. You can find transformation and fall into the bliss of your own soul.