Overcome Anxiety

Are there certain events or situations that automatically make you feel nauseous? Being there or maybe just thinking about it makes your heart pound or your chest feel tight.  Those high anxiety times can really suck all the joy out of life.

Anxiety is a normal biological response to stress.  Everyone gets anxious sometimes and that’s okay.  When it gets to the point where it is disrupting your life, holding you back and affecting your quality of life, it can be overwhelming.

Hypnosis can break the anxiety cycle

Too much anxiety keeps your brain in fight or flight mode.  Because it is a natural neuro-chemical response, it affects your whole body.  (Click here for the science)  Being on constant alert causes you to tense up. It can feel like you are slightly out of body and can’t focus as you become overwhelmed with fear and stress.

Hypnosis is deeply relaxing

Using active meditation techniques I guide clients into deep relaxation.  This turns off the fight or flight response. Another benefit is that hypnosis is your mind’s natural learning state. Because of this, you can rewrite the way you think and behave – easily turning down that old overactive response.

As a result, in hypnosis you can:

  • Relax and learn how to remain calm
  • Stop negative thoughts and excessive worrying
  • Be comfortable and in control of yourself and your emotions
  • Gain a clear perspective
  • Be more confident and determined
  • Enjoy your life

‘… I’m actually going to sleep IN MY BED, which was a big step from falling asleep on the couch watching tv because I was too afraid of the anxiety I used to experience when trying to sleep! On top of that, I almost always fall asleep before the end, which is also huge, as I haven’t been able to fall asleep that quickly in a long time!.. -Cassie M (full testimonial here)

It doesn’t matter if your anxiety is triggered by specific situations, or is due to more of an everyday feeling.  No matter how you experience it, anxiety affects how you see the world. Now is the time to do something about it.  Hypnosis can help you to let go of negative thoughts and ideas.  Are you ready to be calm and relaxed in your mind and body?  Call and schedule your complimentary consultation now.