Weight Loss & Body Issues

I’m passionate about helping people with weight loss and other body issues because like anxiety, it’s something I struggled with for years. The old me was constantly at war with my own body.   I never felt satisfied, so I frequently binged on carbs and sweets. I would eat when I was sad/stressed/nervous/happy/bored. A part of me really thought a healthy body was impossible.   Hypnosis and active meditation techniques changed all that.

If I can do it, you can do it

As a human beings, we all share some basic needs like food, shelter, a sense of belonging and purpose. Happiness is the result of all these needs being met.  Depriving yourself of a basic need is a recipe for disaster. So much of a disaster that 83% of dieters end up heavier after dieting.

Lose weight nowWork with your brain instead of against it

Logically you can know every detail about how to be healthy, but that doesn’t automatically make you healthy.  Every behavior you have, including eating, is the result of how you feel and what you believe. I guide people into comfortable states of deep relaxation where we first turn down the negative emotions. The second step is to change those unhelpful beliefs. The result is a change in lifestyle.

Perhaps you want to improve your health or you may be looking forward to a special occasion. Whatever your reasons for wanting to lose weight, hypnosis can help. Statistics show that using hypnosis as part of your weight loss program can be twice as fast, twice as effective.

‘I called Michelle because I was struggling with anxiety and emotional eating. The entire session was just what I needed.  Michelle is intuitive, kind and awesome at what she does.  I noticed immediate changes!… ‘ – DeeAnne B (read full testimonial here)

Hypnosis and active meditation help you achieve your goals more easily:

drink more water

  • Eat smaller portions and stop eating when you are full
  • Lose your sweet tooth
  • Stop believing you must clean your plate
  • Eat only when you are hungry
  • Stay satisfied longer
  • Drink more water
  • Feel confident about your body
  • Make better choices

Why Hypnosis works

Hypnosis changes THE WAY YOU THINK.  Because it works with the subconscious, it removes the need for dieting. Healthy living becomes your natural way of being and the weight simply falls away.

‘I went to Michelle to get weight loss support because I am an emotional eater and struggle with binge eating. After just ONE session, I felt ready to shed my unhealthy eating behaviors and honestly felt free from what had been holding me back. I feel like she helped me peel some layers and clear away some thought processes that were not serving me…’ -Rebecca F (read full testimonial here)

Michelle will help you define your goals, and help you develop a new, positive relationship with food and exercise. By setting healthy goals, clearing mental blocks and removing self-sabotaging behaviors, losing weight becomes your natural state. You can program your mind to strengthen your will power and to lose weight. It’s time to lose those extra pounds and gain back your self-confidence.

Contact Michelle today at 727-488-8546 to schedule your free consultation and see what hypnotherapy can do for you.