Create Confidence & Self-Esteem

Life is so much better without that negative inner critic.

Mine used to bully me 24/7. It was always there telling me I wasn’t good enough or that my ideas were stupid. I kept me angry and held me back.  Hypnotherapy helped me clear those negative thoughts and beliefs. Feeling good about yourself and the world around you naturally boosts confidence and self-esteem. I have gratitude for that confidence every day, and nothing feels better than teaching people how to do that for themselves.

This is not about I’m not talking about repeating positive mantras until you are blue in the face, hoping they stick. It’s about tapping into a deeper part of you mind that is hardwired to feel good.

Sometimes we get so used to feeling bad we forget just how bad it feels

Low confidence can affect every part of your life. A negative inner voice robs you of your joy,  makes everything feel harder.  It can hold you back at work, affect relationships, even damage your social life. Hypnosis helps you let go of negative thoughts and ideas.  You can be more positive and allow your natural confidence shine.

‘I saw Michelle to help me deal with come confidence issues I was having I was initially skeptical about hypnotherapy, but after just a few sessions I have a totally new perspective.  I would recommend her to anyone.’   – Cynthia R

Using hypnosis active meditation techniques I guide you into deep relaxation to help you naturally:


  •  Improve your self-image
  •  Feel more relaxed in social situations
  • Let go of negative feelings like guilt, shame and worthlessness
  • Be more decisive
  • Live life the way you want to
  • Be more successful in life, work and relationships

‘I finally made an appointment with Michelle after years of struggling with low self-esteem. I honestly thought things couldn’t change for me but after having hypnotherapy I feel so much more happy and confident.  Michelle is so easy to talk to.  The hypnosis is like deep meditation but it has helped me deal with my issues in an easy way.  I recommend you try it.’ -Jarret G

Change your thoughts, change your life.

Your have the ability to think differently. Hypnotherapy can change the way you feel by detaching you from those out of control negative thoughts. You deserve to believe in yourself and live a life you love.  Step into your confidence and connect to your inner strength and self-worth. Contact Butler Hypnotherapy at 727.488.8546 to boost your confidence and self-esteem.