Easy Mindfulness Techniques to Create More Clarity and Calm

Life is filled with many challenges, and there is no guarantee that every moment is going to be comfortable. Mindfulness and active meditation practices can create clarity and calm on the inside that can help you see a wider perspective at any time or in any situation.

There are so many benefits that come from creating a regular mindfulness practice. A growing body of research shows that it reduces stress, improving your overall physical health. Mindfulness has the added benefit of creating better focus, more confidence, and resilience. It can even enhance your ability to make good decisions.

Like looking through a pair of glasses, our emotions shape everything we see.  The beauty of mindfulness is that it trains your mind to become less reactive so you can see more clearly. When you allow yourself to be present in the moment, it creates a space on the inside where you can feel more in control. Even during those moments when life is stressful, you can be grounded, no longer distracted by negative thoughts or beliefs.

So, give yourself a moment and imagine how your life will change when you are tapped into calm and thinking through the clearer part of your mind. Then practice using these simple techniques.

A Simple Mindfulness Practice to Create Shift

Step 1 tones down your brain’s fight-or-flight mechanism. Practicing this also sets an expectation that you are about to move towards better. Doing this regularly will quickly teach your body to automatically drop into calm just by breathing.

Step 2 lets you notice how your body feels in a moment. Your unconscious mind is always reading the energy of a room. If something in your brain feels not okay, it floods you with cortisol and adrenalin. This is your fight-or-flight response which creates the feeling of anxiety. Paying attention to this sends a signal to your unconscious mind that in this moment you are actually okay.

Step 3 uses your creative mind to notice one detail about that uncomfortable feeling. You might imagine a color, texture, whether it feels like it is on top or inside of you. It doesn’t matter what you notice, we are learning how your brain is interpreting that feeling.

Step 4 is the fix. Take the information you got in step 3 and richly imagine the opposite. If it feels heavy or dark, imagine breathing in lightness and ease. If it feels like it is sitting on top of you, imagine drifting back outside of yourself creating more space between you and it. Let your creative mind find the solution.

A Guided Meditation for Creating Clarity and Calm

Find a comfortable place and give yourself 10 minutes to create a positive shift that takes no effort at all.

Create Clarity – a short mindfulness meditation

The more your practice these techniques, the better your results will be. Please share these resources with anyone who might need them. Also, check back soon. I will be offering more guided meditations, courses, and online content to help you create clarity.